Spacecraft "Wayward" Trip - Episode 1

November 04, 2013

Wayward-006 The “Wayward Collection” is the first to debut of an ongoing series which features Spacecraft friends and ambassador’s known as Astronauts. On a regular cadence we will be sending these individuals out on the road or in their backyard to be inspired as we document the entire process. The project will culminate in the release of a series of webisodes and a product launch event that will correspond with an art exhibition. These special and limited edition collections are known as “Artifacts”, which is defined as “anything created by humans, which gives information about the culture of its creator and users” and that is exactly what we hope to achieve from sharing these experiences with you, then leaving you with a souvenir or an “Artifact” to remember the experience by. For the first Artifact trip our friend Duffy heads down the West Coast from Seattle and makes his way to San Diego on a Harley motorcycle. He spends the first part of the trip dodging rain, seeking shelter, meeting up with friends, and discovering that the road really dictates the adventure. Duffy’s trip will be accompanied by a series of unique products that we will unveil early December at a special event at The Pirahna Shop. Until then follow along for the next 2 episodes of Spacecraft’s “Wayward” series. Wayward-008-smallWayward-009-smallWayward-028-small

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