Spacecraft At Windell's

August 30, 2014

Things are heating up this summer on the slopes of Mt. Hood, and especially at our favorite warm weather shred location, Windell’s Camp. Like a good PNW neighbor, Spacecraft got involved with Head Coach Nick Visconti and turned session two into a cosmic week, packed full of astronauts, space cadets, and Mt. Hood stratosphere shredding. 

Campers got down and primal with a game of Spacecraft Penguin Sledding, followed by the first ever Spacecraft High Jump Contest. Both of these events brought in large turnouts of campers looking to find some fun, most of whom also walked away with sweet new Spacecraft gear.

If you’re headed up to camp for any of the remaining sessions, make sure to hunt down Coach Nick and join in on the rest of the Spacecraft contests to come. Nick will be offering up TONS of swag for remarkable efforts and feats, whether they be successful or not. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @spacecraftcollective for more updates and cool photos from Nick and Windell’s Camp.

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