Scott Sullivan - "The Krampus and the Light"

November 13, 2014


The theme of the song focuses on the balance of good and evil and how it's all part of life as we know it. Unified and intertwined. Scott wrote the song that very week of the trip with the intention of making the video. The song came to life right up to the moment they were filming.

With the help of some of the locals from Mayrhofen all pitching in, they were able to make this happen on one cold evening down by the river in the valley. This could not have been done without their help carrying generators, wood, schnapps and props. First and foremost, Andreas "Mone" Monsberger who filmed and directed the video with Scott. They worked together for two days leading up to filming, writing, scripting and gathering props. Mone discovered the Krampus who go under the name "The Dark Shadows" led by Valentina Dornauer.

Other people crucial in making this all happen are:

Gustav Ohlsson

Stefan "Blue"Gruber

Stefan "Green" Gruber

Heinz Nyvelt

Roman Fankhauser

Matt McHattie "The Aesthetiker"

Wolfgang Nyvelt

That concludes Spacecraft and Scott Sullivan's Passage Week Long Takeover. In case you missed it, Spacecraft and Scott have joined forces to create The Passage Collection: collaborative ideas based around travel. Inspired with ideas for products to make his life spent traveling more fluid and efficient, Scott returned from his latest adventure with the makings of The Passage Collection.

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