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KC Deane

February 27, 2017

KC Deane Joins The Spacecraft Team

For Immediate Release

October 18th 2017

Spacecraft is stoked to announce pro skier and mountain biker KC Deane to it's team.  The multi-sport athlete has stacked up a lot of content in various seasons this year across the continent chasing fresh pow and tacky dirt with the likes of photographers Grant Gunderson and Paris Gore.  KC will be pulling double duty in both Skiing and Mountain Biking for Spacecraft.  This marks an exciting chapter as part of a forward moving plan for the Spacecraft Brand.

"The first time I got anything Spacecraft was when I peeled a sticker off the dumpster at Steven Pass, and to this day I've worn the toques and gear as they have continued to evolve. Being involved with Spacecraft over the years has been amazing and can't wait for the years to come." States Deane

"KC has a flawless style and approach in both of his respective disciplines and we are pumped to have him on board officially" says brand director Chad Perrin.  "KC has a great following and knows how to support his sponsors and build content and in this day, and age that is paramount and we are recalling looking forward to working with KC and developing products together", states Perrin.

You can find KC in the new Level 1 Films production "Pleasure" as well as gracing the cover of the new issue of Skiing Magazine and the cover of the November issue of Bike Mag.

You can follow KC on Instagram:  @kcdeane

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