Spacecraft welcomes Fredi Kalbermatten to the Team!

August 31, 2016

We are stoked, to have one of the most fluid, stylish and powerful snowboarders on our team.  We welcome Swiss Pro Shred, Fredi Kalbermatten to our team of Astronauts.  Did we mention we are pumped?
Fredi is no stranger to the scene, he has worked his entire career stacking up editorial and video parts year over year, and he still is producing amazing content.  He hails from Saas-Fee, a ski village in the Swiss Alps, where he and his wife Nicole (Sister of Eric and John Jackson) and their son reside.Dorfblick Hotel, Saas-Fee Switzerland
Fredi is quite the entrepreneur as well running his small hotel/lodge called Dorfblick which is literally across the street from the Gondola as Saas-Fee.  Asides from Dorfblick Fredi also owns Atreebutes clothing, which is heavily focused on socially and environmentally produced garments, where they can trace the origins of all the materials all the while having a low impact on society and the environment.
Check the vid for Fredi below
Fredi currently rides for Lib-Tech, Bent Metal Bindings, Zeal, Atreebutes, and Spacecraft

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