Electric Coffin Collection

As makers of fine art and conceptual innovation, we are a  process driven studio, coming from a lineage of high craftsmanship. The conceptual narrative defines each project and how we move through it. This Spacecraft collection brings a high level of quality and materials to a curated group of objects based around what we use and love. Super fine deluxe death machine.

Electric Coffin and Spacecraft came together to make this super soft fold beanie that’s comfier than any casket. With the uniquely fit custom Electric Coffin patch, you’ll stand out in any crowd.
Available in Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Green
Spacecraft and Electric Coffin bring you the the Spacecraft ‘Electric Coffin’ Cap. Embellished with Electric Coffin Artist’s patch and Ikat under the bill you’ll be looking good in this stellar collaboration.
Spacecraft and Electric Coffin bring you the Spacecraft ‘Electric Coffin Bag’. This two strap shoulder tote, designed by Electric Coffin, is made with Ikat weaving and canvas fabric.
We came together with Electric Coffin to bring you the Spacecraft ‘Electric Coffin’ Wallet. Made with leather and Ikat material creating a vintage workman’s style wallet to keep your belongings looking sharp. A comb is included to make sure you’re as crisp as your cash.
Don’t be caught dead with saggy bottoms. Thanks to Electric Coffin, keep ‘em up with the Spacecraft ‘Electric Coffin’ Belt. Typographic white print, black canvas, custom buckle, and made in Bali: Can’t go wrong.
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