Meet The Astronauts


Artist / Spacecraft Founder

My work is a distillation of meaning and speaks to the confrontation of life in it’s irreconcilability and divine implications. I enjoy creating narrative structure with multiple levels of meaning. This years collection is subtle and transitional. It’s about material, history, making and doing things. Through it I challenge you to get back to the basics and Go Outside.




Migrating from Arizona to the great Northwest, Patrick “Duffy” De Armas found a home in the skate and snowboard industry. The combination of those experiences and influences have shaped his interest in street art, being out late at night, punk rock, hot rods, the fifties, old advertisements, vulgarity, and more.

Duffy currently resides in Seattle, WA, working full time running the creative firm Electric Coffin CS Co. and creating fine art. 



Video Production

The new, the great, the funny, the weird, the amazing, the painful, the joyful, the discovered, the mini, the micro, the macro and everything in between… This journey has been epic to say the least, and this year, all of the pieces have come together to make something more exciting and memorable than ever before. Come with us as we finish a decade of creating videos for a generation of snowboarders who have been a part of Think Thank’s legacy of friendship and progression through creativity.




Renowned snowboarder photographer Scott Sullivan is also a successful, touring multi-album recording artist. Everything that you wanted to be as a child – he has probably done. He’s photographed some of the biggest names in snowboarding like Nicolas Muller and Travis Rice, and just put out his fourth record titled “ Cracks and All".



From competitions in South America, photo shoots in Europe to chasing pow in Alaska, I’ve found People who are genuinely happy because they do what they love. I’ve slept on an array of couches, sold everything, broke most my bones, lost jobs, friends and heroes, but I NEVER stopped loving skiing! It’s not all cupcakes and smiles, but if you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen.




I am a skier, among other things. After being born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, I moved to Reno/Tahoe 4 years ago.  Currently I am still residing in the Tahoe area skiing, and riding my sled everyday I can.




Battle born in Reno, Nevada. Refined in Seattle. Transformed in Shangri-La. Visually inclined since childhood. Preferred methods and mediums include illustration, paint, aerosol, graphic design, photography, and most recently screen printing. Analog apostle. Weirdo dad. Seattle sports disciple. Alpental grave robber. Spacecraft propagandist since day 1. Endless inspiration. Bent on mobilization. Currently building a brand, in Sakai, Japan, based on hand drawn graphics and designs. And beer. It is also based on beer.



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