The Studio Collection

From our wanderings around the world, we have come across treasured items that we use and find to be amazing. Items with a story that starts with art and catch your attention. We have brought together all the necessities for creating here for you to collect.


We spend a lot of time in the studio building art and ideas; and ruining nice shirts and pants. Working with a USA maker, we built the Spacecraft Studio Apron. Made from a chevron tweed denim fabric, triple-stitched for durability, slim cut, and built to last for the long haul.



Commonly used in Asia, the Spacecraft Lunchbox is a three-tier, stainless steel lunchbox designed to carry a three-course meal or picnic. Once you trade in the brown bag for one of these, it'll be hard to live without it.



Working with a Vermont maker we have brought you rich navy and deep red woolen blanket. Inspired by the early American motifs and perfect for the deep winter month. Lay out the Spacecraft Studio Blanket for a picnic under the stars for you and special friend.

Dimensions: 5ft x 7ft 


Lay your head down on some art with the Spacecraft Pillow cases. Fits a standard throw pillow for a much-needed pop of art on your couch canvas.

El Camino 

Take Off



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