The Stanley Collection

Spacecraft has partnered with heritage thermos brand Stanley to produce a special collection of laser-etched koozies, offered together with Stanley's classic hammertone Flask & Camp Mug. Built to last a lifetime, these green bottles have accompanied us on many adventures, offering hot soup, coffee or a swig of something stronger at the end of a long climb. 


Add some flare to your morning coffee, cocoa, or tea with the Stanley x Spacecraft Mug + Koozie. No matter what you're putting in your mug, a laser engraved koozie gives this classic mainstay a makeover, ensures you'll be sippin' in style.


We put a spin on a classic with the Stanley x Spacecraft Flask + Koozie. It's common to find one of these green thermoses lurking in a cabinet from your Dad's time, and a laser engraved koozie with custom Spacecraft art is a sure way to dress up your favorite elixir.

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