Wayward Collection

This is a collection of items inspired by a journey of 3000+ miles down the West Coast, pursued by Spacecraft astronaut and Electric Coffin proprietor, Duffy. Some pieces of the collection are stylized versions of items that Duffy utilized on the trip, while others are based solely on experiences from his adventure. The Wayward story was based on the fading miles tracked on the highway and by the appreciation for experiences, new and old, endured along the way.

The Spacecraft Wayward Beanie keeps your head warm, fits under your helmet, and comes in black and urban camo. Perfect for any ride.
For sleeping, a comfy backrest for your passenger, or a great picnic, the Spacecraft Wayward Blanket gets the job done - in style of course.
With the Spacecraft Wayward Cap, you can keep you ears warm at high speeds. (Not rated for speeds over 40mph).
The Spacecraft Wayward Canteen is the OG of water containers… it's also good for other drinkable substances.
Go do some chores and then ask your mom to sew the Spacecraft Wayward patch on your vest, backpack, or whatever you bring on the road with you.
Hand painted, custom motorcycle helmet art by Spacecraft astronaut and proprietor of Electric Coffin, Duffy. One-of-a-kind mixed-media application on wood panel.
Along the Wayward journey, friend and photographer Jake Garrett documented Duffy's 3,000+ mile expedition from Seattle to San Diego on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Live the Wayward journey in your own home with one to seven of Jake's photos, printed on quality Fuji Pro Luster stock at 12x18" with a 1/4" border.
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