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October 22, 2014

We appreciate and respect when amazing products are created out of a direct need, rather than a hedonistic desire. Stormy Kromer is a perfect example of a brand that originated from the need for a quality product. Created by railroad engineer George "Stormy" Kromer and his wife Ida, the original Stormy Kromer design came from the need for a hat that would stay on George’s head more securely. Ida modified her husband’s existing baseball cap with earflaps and a front tie, and after receiving countless requests for more hats, the Kromer’s eventually started a full-time business.

The Ikat Cap

The Brushed Wool Cap 

We are very excited to have the chance to work with a maker like Stormy Kromer, and to apply our sensibilities to such an iconic American product. We added a traditional Balinese Ikat fabric to a waxed canvas model and combined a contrasting red checked plaid on the brushed wool option. For both caps, we designed the back flap to sit slightly lower and cover more of the neck region. Check out the two Stormy Kromer x Spacecraft caps at and grab one before this train leaves the station.

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