Passage Feat. Scott Sullivan - Teaser

November 07, 2014

Inspiration is a driving force, and inherently part of the human quest. Inspiration can be found on your doorstep, through a good friend, or gained by traveling the globe and immersing yourself in foreign cultures. For photographer and musician, Scott Sullivan, his inspiration has been formed and influenced over the last two decades he spent traveling the globe, capturing moments, and meeting new people.

Spacecraft and Scott have joined forces to create The Passage Collection: collaborative ideas based around travel. Scott traveled deep into the Tyrol region of the Austrian Alps, home to some of the most dynamic mountains and one of the world’s greatest snowboarders, Wolfgang Nyvelt, to document his journey. During the course of his trip, Scott was inspired with ideas for products to make his life spent traveling more fluid and efficient, and that would allow him to spend time capturing moments rather than focusing on the travel. Scott returned with more than just product concepts—he came with the makings of The Passage Collection.

Stay tuned to the Spacecraft social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) next week to see all aspects of The Passage Collection come to light. Including a line of travel-inspired products, photos from his trip, as well as a unique three-episode series chronicling Scott’s Austrian adventure, The Passage Collection stays true to the core values of Spacecraft: travel, creating, and experimentation.

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