November 10, 2014

After a long flight and longer layover, Scott Sullivan kicks off his Euro trip by spending a day in a stormy Amsterdam before heading off to Austria to meet up with Wolle Nyvelt. Before heading to the hill for some riding, Scott joins Wolle and his family for some ice-skating and traditional holiday parties. A few glimpses of Krampus begin show a much darker side to the Austrian holiday celebration, foreshadowing what’s to come…

Tune in next time as Scott and Wolle ditch their bindings and head to a dam high in the mountains before Scott plays a show at a local bar in Mayrhofen.

Spacecraft and Scott have joined forces to create The Passage Collection: collaborative ideas based around travel. Inspired with ideas for products to make his life spent traveling more fluid and efficient, Scott returned from his latest adventure with the makings of The Passage Collection. SHOP HERE

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